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2021 Year in Review

2021 Year in Review

Introducing our blog Behind The Bow! Starting a blog for Betty x Bow was on my 2021 to-do list and what better way to end the year than check something off that list. Better fashionably late than never right?! 

In our first blog post, let me take you Behind The Bow and share with you some highlights from my first full year in business, as I give you my 2021 Year in Review. Let’s get started!

This year was a whirlwind to say the least. The pandemic was ongoing and there have been hardships for so many people, the year often felt like it was moving in slow motion. Though this year brought its fair share of challenges it has also been my most fulfilling yet. I am beyond grateful for the collective of thoughtful consumerists we are building and I could not have done it without your incredible support, thank you!♥️

This year I was able to expand from the collection of bodysuits and add three entirely new pieces, now creating a full head-to-toe BXB outfit (cue my happy dance!). Three new pieces, inclusive sizing, new colour ways, textures, a hair accessory and an exclusive floral print to the brand, to name a few. This brings me to my first highlight: Collaborations.


There is such an excitement when launching something new and the customer reaction. But what also excites me is the BTS work of sharing a space, working together, and learning from others to create something beautiful and of value. It’s fun, exciting, challenging and most of all fulfilling. 

Having had the opportunity to collaborate with two Canadian women-owned business’ this year was a dream come true. After searching for the perfect floral fabric for my skirt design and coming up short, I had the idea of contacting Emma Allen Design Studio to create a custom floral print. I would then hire a textile printing service to print the custom design on my desired fabric (this process requires a separate blog post! LOL). Emma’s response to my project idea was filled with positivity and excitement. I learned a lot from her and she brought my vision to life, creating the most beautiful Bloom print.

Later this year I had the pleasure of working with Barbays. If you know me personally, you know I LOVE a good scrunchie and wear them daily. I had left over Elaine Bodysuit fabric and had the idea to pitch a low-waste collaboration with our signature bow detail. Adrienne (Founder of Barbays) was 100% on board. This collaboration was so much fun and working with Team Barbays was an amazing experience. So much so we were able to work together again on our 2021 Holiday Scrunchie.

Recently I had a friend tell me a story, that while she was wearing her BXB x Barbays scrunchie at work one day, a stranger stopped her and said “Is that a Betty x Bow scrunchie?” My jaw dropped as she told me the story. My immediate thought was that our product was recognized! That feeling of brand recognition fills my cup and will never get old. 

Inclusive Sizing

This year I was able to extend our size range to now include sizes from XS-3X. I want to shatter the exclusion in fashion and create inclusion within my brand. At Betty x Bow every-BODY is invited to the party!



Betty x Bow is now available at two retailers in the Ottawa area. BBxCollection located in The Market of downtown Ottawa, ON and Doree’s Habit located in the charming town of Almonte, ON. 

The BXB Collective

The power of social media allowed me to connect with people near and far and showcase my brand. I am so grateful for the connections and relationships that have formed this past year. In November, I hosted my first Pop-Up Shop event where I met new faces and could display my collection of clothing. Meeting people in-person during the pandemic was so refreshing and feeling the support in the room that night for BXB was incredible. 

I’ve had the opportunity to ship across the country, to places I had never heard of before. To know that women across the country are wearing BXB is so powerful to me, that together we are building a collective of thoughtful consumerists.

As we move into 2022, I reflect on a couple lessons I learned in 2021:

Always trust your intuition, it will never misguide you.

Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and go for what you want!

 Our goals are set and I am so excited for what we have planned for 2022, and can’t wait to share with all of you!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!🥂

What are your 2022 goals? Share them in the comments below.

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