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About Us

Welcome to Betty x Bow, where we create premium wardrobe essentials designed to elevate your everyday style. Our signature feminine aesthetic infuses each piece with a unique charm fostering confidence with every wear. Founded by Allison Kittle in late 2020, based out of Ottawa, Ontario Canada- BXB is as a sustainable, woman-owned, Made in Canada fashion brand committed to supporting local manufacturing. Driven by a vision of redefining the ordinary, we simplify wardrobe choices by offering timeless yet trend-forward pieces effortlessly blending style and comfort. Our founder-designs are created to seamlessly integrate into your daily rotation, quickly becoming your everyday favourites. Our goal? Making wardrobe decisions easy with pieces that last.

A Note From Our Founder


Fashion isn't just clothing to me—it's an art form that mixes design, detail, and structure to create the perfect outfits. 

I've always been obsessed with fashion, but my career started in a completely different space—nursing. After nearly a decade as a NICU nurse, I realized it was time to pursue my true passion. My busy nursing schedule taught me the value of simplicity and functionality in my off-duty wardrobe-principles I infuse into every Betty x Bow design. Because who really has time for complicated outfits? I wanted to redefine the wardrobe staples we reach for every day, taking them from ordinary and levelling them up with my feminine design aesthetic and high quality fabric choices, turning them into luxe essentials. It all started with my go-to favourite—a bodysuit. This effortless staple can make any outfit feel polished and put together.

Betty x Bow isn't just about clothing—it's about connecting through style. I want women to feel confident and beautiful, knowing they're wearing pieces that are as timeless as they are stylish.

The Inspiration Behind Our Brand's Name

From the moment Betty x Bow came to life, I envisioned it as a celebration of fashion that sparks confidence, strength, and feminine beauty. It all starts with my grandmother Betty and my mom, Barbara. They taught me about kindness, class, and the power of a polished style. Their influence sparked my passion for fashion, and it felt natural to honour them through my brand. That's why each BXB style is thoughtfully named after the influential women who have impacted my life, reflecting the spirit behind our brand.