Betty x Bow is a female-founded womenswear brand, designed and manufactured in Canada.

Our mission is to infuse effortless, versatile, and feminine style into every woman’s capsule wardrobe. We are committed to creating high-quality, slow-fashion garments that lessen the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Our vision is to create a collective of thoughtful consumerists who can enjoy our sustainable, ethical garments while never sacrificing personal style.

Every detail and design has been carefully crafted using high quality fabrics to create beautiful, long-lasting silhouettes. Sustainable fashion of quality over quantity is our priority. We aim to provide clothing that will become the ‘go to’ pieces in your closet. Most importantly, we want women to feel beautiful and love their body wearing BXB!

We are proud to be Canadian and a brand built on supporting local manufacturers and creators within the fashion community.

A word from BXB founder Allison Kittle:

I have always been passionate about fashion and design. I love looking past a piece of clothing for what it is at face value and seeing the purpose of the design, the detail, silhouette structure and envisioning how a piece of clothing can be pulled together into an outfit.

I want to build a brand that simplifies a woman’s wardrobe into key pieces that you want to keep wearing over and over again because they make you feel beautiful when you wear them.

My career path took me in another direction from fashion and entrepreneurship. For the past 11 years I have dedicated my professional life to a career in nursing. Although my career as a NICU nurse is rewarding and fulfilling, I knew I needed to pivot my path and also pursue my creative dreams.

So, what’s in a name? Betty x Bow is named after two incredible women. My maternal grandmother Betty and my mother Barbara. My grandmother has always had an effortless, polished sense of style. She could make any outfit have a chic factor. A bow, a symbol of femininity, class and charm, qualities that describe my mother Barbara. My introduction to the world of fashion came from Betty and Barbara, I will be forever grateful for our shared passion for fashion and their support in pursuing my dreams.

Follow your dreams, thank you for being a part of mine.