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Capsule Wardrobe Basics: 12 Pieces, 14 Ways

Capsule Wardrobe Basics: 12 Pieces, 14 Ways

Grab your favourite Betty x Bow essentials because today we are showing you how to turn 12 pieces into 14 outfits that you are obsessed with. Sound good? As a small business owner, and especially being someone who values sustainability in the fashion industry, I can't put out 80 pieces each season (and honestly - I wouldn't want to). Because of this, each piece I design needs to be both incredibly high quality and versatile. I'm going to share just a few ways to wear my favourite pieces today! 

PS: I always feel inspired by your BXB street style so don't forget to tag us when you're wearing YOUR Betty x Bow favourites!

Betty x Bow capsule wardrobe basics

Here's what you'll need from BXB:

  1. Your Foster Dress
  2. The Isabel Bodysuit (a fave - obviously)
  3. The Shea Bodysuit (variety is the spice of life, right?)
  4. The Millie Top in Your Favourite Colour
  5. Your Emma Skirt
  6. Your NEW Kit Pants (they look great on you, btw)
  7. The Molly Shorts (summer's not over yet!)
  8. Lola Jumpsuit - Choose White or Black!
  9. And The Sadie Dress because these outfit options have you covered for EVERY occasion.

& Here's What You'll Need to Grab from Your Closet:

10. A leather jacket that makes you feel ready to conquer the world.
11. A bomber jacket for days leather won't do.
12. The pair of jeans you always reach for!
Ready to fall in love with these outfit ideas as much as I have? Let's go!


1) Simply, the Foster Dress

Sometimes, you just need something you can throw on and look fabulous. The Foster dress is just that! Some of the "outfit" ideas you'll find during a Pinterest scroll are gorgeous, but they can get too complicated. Our first outfit option is for the minimalist that wants to look great (in about 30 seconds).

little black dress

2) The Foster Dress... with Leather Jacket

It's getting a little cold outside but your Foster Dress isn't ready to hibernate for the winter. When I designed this season's collection, I wanted to give a bolder edge to some of my staples. Is there anything that makes you feel like you can conquer anything more than a leather jacket? Please say it's not just me!

little black dress with leather jacket

3) The Isabel Bodysuit Paired with The Emma Skirt

Move over little black dress - pair a black Isabel bodysuit with a black Emma skirt and you've got yourself a LOOK. Add a pair of tights for a polished night out style that works for every season.

Black Bodysuit with Black Skirt


4) The Millie Top with The Emma Skirt

While we are grabbing the Emma Skirt from your closet, outfit #4 has it paired with a Millie top for a more casual look that is equally stunning. This was one of my favourite combos over the summer!

t-shirt and skirt

5) The Millie Top with Jeans

Sometimes, you just want to throw on jeans and a T-shirt, am I right? The Millie Top pairs perfectly with jeans (especially after we added 2" to the hem, based on your feedback!) for evenings in (and out!). 

t-shirt and jeans

6) The Isabel Bodysuit with The Kit Pant

I'm obsessed with the Kit Pant for so many reasons - I promise they will be the trousers you reach for first when deciding what to wear (partly because they look great with literally everything and partly because they are just so comfortable). For outfit  #6, pair the Kit Pant with the Isabel bodysuit and you'll have a polished outfit choice you'll be reaching for everyday.

black top and pants

7) The Millie Top with the Molly Shorts

For an effortless summer look that will never go out of style, grab your Millie top (and appreciate the breathable fabric) and pair it with the Molly Shorts. I'm in love with the paperbag linen waist, and the muted pink hue is your newly adored neutral. 

T-shirt and Paperbag Linen Shorts

8) The Isabel Bodysuit with the Molly Shorts

With these twelve pieces, you need to be able to mix and match. As you can see, the Molly Shorts look stunning yet casual when paired with the Millie Top above, but feel a bit more put together when paired with the Isabel bodysuit below. Which is your favourite combo?

white bodysuit and paperbag linen shorts

9) The Lola Jumpsuit (we will let you pick if you want to go dark or light!)

I can't decide if I love the Lola jumpsuit more in black or vanilla, but truthfully you should probably get them both. I love a good outfit combo (as you can tell in this post!) but there is something magical about grabbing just one thing out of your closet and then instantly looking (and feeling) this good. 

white or black jumpsuit

10) The Lola Jumpsuit with a Leather Jacket 

You didn't think we would miss the opportunity to pair our wide leg jumpsuit with a leather jacket, did you? Grab a pair of sunglasses and hit the road because this fall outfit is everything you need. 

black jumpsuit with leather jacket

11) The Shea Bodysuit, Bomber Jacket and the Kit Pant

I know we aren't supposed to play favourites, but this is one of my favourite outfit combinations now that I'm walking into fall. Stylish, but unapologetic. Feminine, and bold. I will definitely be packing this combo for every weekend getaway.

my favourite capsule wardrobe combination of a bodysuit, leather jacket and trouser pants

12) Your Isabel Bodysuit with Jeans

Jeans... but add a touch of sophistication. The Isabel bodysuit was one of the first pieces I ever launched here at Betty x Bow, and this classic outfit combination is something I find myself falling in love with every time. 

T-shirt and Jeans

13) The Sadie Slip Dress

The Sadie Slip dress was designed to be your go to dress for everything from the bridesmaid dress you'll actually wear again to a night on the town with your best girlfriends. I dare say, she delivers. Now tell us: what's your favourite detail? The tie strap or the flounce hem?

Sadie slip dress

14) The Sadie Slip Dress with a Bomber Jacket

When in doubt, add a bomber jacket. Last but not least, we have this surprising duo of a slip dress and a bomber jacket that somehow just works. When you feel like you are ready to just ride off into the sunset, this is what you'll want to be wearing.

slip dress with leather jacket


Shop Your Capsule Wardrobe Essentials!

I like to think that the collection here at Betty x Bow is small, but VERY mighty. As you can see, you can do a lot for a little. I never want you to stare into your closet feeling like you have nothing to wear. With your BXB essentials, you have versatile pieces you can wear anywhere, and you can rest assured that these high quality fabrics feel as good as the look.

Shop the entire line here (and in case you don't know - we create sustainably and ethically right here in Canada, so you can feel good about where you are swiping your debit card).


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