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Your Summer Vacation Packing List

Your Summer Vacation Packing List

Pack your bags because today on the blog, we are going to show you how to do a lot with a little when it comes to your summer vacation packing list. After all, as capsule wardrobe enthusiasts, we fully support if you can fit everything into a carry on (even if we can't!). If you have been following me over on Instagram, you know that I just got back from my own summer vacation (a fun getaway to Nashville!) and it had me thinking: I would love to share a few summer vacation packing list tips here behind the bow. 

Three women dressed for summer

 First, Plan your Summer Outfits!

Have you ever seen the meme about wearing the same 5 pieces at home, but when you pack your vacation you bust out the ballgowns and 5 outfits per day. Who else is guilty? Before you start loading up your suitcase, look at what your vacation plans look like. Is there a lot of outdoor time? Time at the pool? Do you need versatile outfits to go from day to night? Make a list of what you are actually going to do before you start packing (and if you need inspiration - click here for some summer outfit ideas).


women summer vacation packing list

Grab your Summer Clothing Essentials!

Now that you know what you'll need clothing for, we suggest starting with a few essentials. We recommend sticking to mostly neutrals or a colour palette of 3-5 colours so you can mostly mix and match during your trip. On top of the standard "one top and one bottom", consider what pieces you can layer.

We personally love the foster dress paired with pretty much anything.

little black dress

For example, we designed the Molly blouse and Molly shorts to be that perfect "put together" summer look, but the Molly shorts also look great with the Millie top and the Molly Blouse looks great open with a bodysuit layered underneath! 

three outfit ideas for summer vacation

We might be biased but we also always recommend packing a Lola Jumpsuit for the summer vacation days where you want to throw on a (super comfortable and cute) jumpsuit that transitions from day to night! 

white jumpsuit for women

Check the Weather

Nothing ruins a vacation more than being way too hot or way too cold. When I design my collections each season, I usually spend a lot of time considering what fabrics I want to use. For a year-round staple like the Millie Top, I chose the softest bamboo rayon material that I knew would have you reaching for it everyday. For a summer staple like the Molly Blouse, I chose 100% linen to keep you cool on even the warmest summer days! 

three women in different summer outfits

Your Summer Vacation Packing List

 Because we know that some of you reading this are just looking for a list, here are a few things we would suggest bringing for a summer vacation (one week long):

summer outfit with skirt and black top

    Want a few styling tips for your own vacation? Make sure to DM me on Instagram because nothing makes me happier than talking sustainable fashion and summer outfit ideas!

    Anything you are missing? Shop Sustainably!

    We KNOW how tempting it is to run out to your favourite fast fashion brand and load up on new dresses and cheap outfits. Although we would never tell you what to do, we wouldn't be the slow fashion advocates you love us for if we didn't at least try to encourage you to shop sustainably. We have gathered a list of 8 of our favourite slow fashion brands here to make it easy for you! 

    Remember, sustainability is not about being perfect every time. But we do feel pretty confident you'll be glad you invested in 1-2 high quality new pieces over a few hundred dollars on some sketchy online site (where let's be honest - if half of what you ordered fits and looks good you will be thrilled). 


    three women sitting by the pool

    Planning your Summer Vacation Packing List

    I hope these tips have helped you as you start to put together your summer outfits (and create your summer packing list). If you love insider tips as much as I do, make sure you scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up for my email list for more juicy behind the scenes and capsule wardrobe tips and tricks. If you haven't purchased your first BXB staple yet, you also get 10% off your first purchase as a little thank you from me! 

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