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Creating a Capsule Wardrobe (for beginners!)

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe (for beginners!)

If you have been eyeing up ways to create a capsule wardrobe and saving a ton of “capsule wardrobe ideas” on Pinterest, today’s blog post is for you. Here at Betty x Bow, we create everyday staples for the feminine fashionista. As a sustainable slow-fashion brand here in Canada, welcome to the home of the conscious capsule wardrobe.

It might surprise you, but when it comes to capsule wardrobes, we actually don’t think you should create your capsule wardrobe by throwing out everything you own and buying 20 (or 50) new pieces to affectionately call your capsule wardrobe. Instead, we are going to encourage you (and show you how) to start making moves to curate your own capsule wardrobe, no matter what your closet looks like now. In a sustainable way - of course!

two ladies sitting talking about capsule wardrobes

First, start with a closet edit.

We repeat: this does not mean donate all your clothes and start new. Instead, go through your current closet and take inventory. Donate the pieces you really won’t wear again and that don’t fit you quite right anymore. What do you never ever reach for? Donate it. 

Consider the seasons for your capsule wardrobe

Have a lot of pieces you love? Consider separating the pieces you have by season. Betty x Bow is based in Canada, so we have four completely different seasons. We definitely have to have a separate wardrobe for the summer than we do in the winter because there aren't too many pieces that can overlap. Separate accordingly. This is also a great way to ensure you don’t get bored of wearing the same thing!

winter capsule wardrobe ideas

Don't just rush into shopping without knowing what you have. We know - shopping is the FUN part of creating your capsule wardrobe. But bear with us, we are getting there, we promise!

Now, fill in the gaps

A good capsule wardrobe will have a few pieces for every occasion. There is no magic number of tops or bottoms or fancy dresses. Think about your lifestyle and what pieces you actually need to add to your closet to feel fun and fabulous on the regular. 

If you are looking for some inspiration, let us happily recommend:

An easy outfit you can take from day to night (meet Lola)

white jumpsuit for everyday wear for women

A cute little matching number for days you want to get a little extra (meet Molly & Molly)

matching blouse and shorts set for capsule wardrobe

A super soft bodysuit that you’ll be reaching for all summer (meet Isabel)

white bodysuit for women

A little black dress with a thigh high split for a little extra spice (meet Foster)

little black dress

And of course, your new favourite formalwear (meet Sadie)

formal dresses for women

Make sure your investing in high quality staples

As tempting as it might be to run to your favourite fast fashion retailer and buy a pack of 5 t-shirts, please don't do that. Part of creating a capsule wardrobe is being intentional with your shopping, and choosing pieces you really love and making them last.

Your capsule wardrobe doesn’t need to be boring.

Take the Millie Tee, for example. We always love showing her off. When you think of an everyday T-shirt, you might think the simpler the better. After all, you'll be wearing it all the time, right? Isn't that the point of a capsule wardrobe?

While you don’t necessarily want to choose anything with bright patterns that might make it harder to mix and match (unless that’s your style!), the Millie Top is a feminine alternative to your otherwise boring “plain old t-shirt”. With petal sleeves and the softest material you’ve ever felt, this is something you’ll actually want to wear everyday.

the perfect t-shirt

Lastly, don’t overcomplicate it!

Okay, we know we just went on and on about creating a capsule wardrobe but the truth is you don’t have to (and shouldn't!) overcomplicate it. At the core, the goal of a capsule wardrobe is to simplify your life and make you more intentional about what you buy.

As a slow fashion brand here in Canada, that’s something we can definitely get behind (and we design each collection with that in mind). Instead of launching 400 new pieces every season we intentionally watch trends and create more classic and timeless versions that you can wear season after season and love every single time you wear them. To do this, we launch just a few pieces each season. If you are looking for some capsule wardrobe staples, you can shop our spring/summer collection for 2022 here. Or, if you’re starting from scratch and need to add a few everyday staples to your closet (and want something that feels both elevated and feminine, you can shop our classics here. 

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