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8 Sustainable Brands for Canadian Babes Who Value Slow Fashion

8 Sustainable Brands for Canadian Babes Who Value Slow Fashion

When I started Betty x Bow, I knew I didn't want to contribute to fast fashion and unethical practices often found in the fashion industry. If you are here, I'm guessing you don't either! Although we love to shout our mission from the rooftops (we are a female-owned fashion brand - designed and manufactured ethically in Canada!), we have so many friends and colleagues in the industry who are also killing the sustainable, slow fashion game.

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If you want to shop pieces and products that make you feel like the empowered woman you are, make sure to bookmark this blog because we have all your new favourites right here. 

Okay, enough small talk. Here are 8 sustainable brands you can feel good about swiping your debit card for. 

Smash + Tess

A Smash + Tess Romper is the new Tim Hortons Coffee - everyone's gotta have one, and they want to wear it everyday. Their collection has expanded from Rompers since they opened their doors, and we love how the collab with our favourite Canadian influencers on the regular. This is definitely a mother-daughter team we can get behind and we love how they care about sustainability as much as we do!




Tok Beauty

What do I want before every Betty x Bow photoshoot? Big Brow Energy. Tok Beauty is making some serious waves in the sustainable brand movement here in Canada, and if you are looking for plant based beauty products that are simple to use, we highly recommend.



Pura Botanicals

Based in Edmonton - hello West Coast friends - we find Pura Botanicals. We are a big fan of going back to the basics (as shown by our capsule wardrobe collection!),  but in a rich and elevated way. Not only do Pura Botanicals create their products in a sustainable way, they feel so luxurious. You can feel good about your decision to shop ethically everyday.  


We partnered with Barbays last year to make the most incredible scrunchies out of our extra bodysuit material (we don't like to waste over here!). Also made lovingly in Ontario, we love shopping for all the women (and their littles!) in our lives.



Chelsea King 

Next on the list of dream collaborations? Chelsea King!  Another sustainably made brand here in Canada (and France!), these scrunchies and hair accessories Protect your hair with perfect hold™. They believe that fashion should be hands on and aim to replace the impersonal nature of factory production in every single piece they create.



Blondie Apparel 

Blondie Apparel designs and creates their products right here in Ontario. When they say "made in Canada", they mean everything: design​​​​​​​​, fabric production​​​​​​​, thread,​​​ garment tags​​​​​​​​, hang tags, ​​​​​​final construction​​​​​​​​. EVERYTHING. At the time of writing, they are just getting ready to launch their fall/winter 2022 collection and we can't wait to see what they dream up next!


For those of you that want your home to be made with sustainability in mind (as much as your closet!), we have Anupaya. They have a few "wearables" you'll fall in love with (like fedoras or ponchos) but we also love their homeware pieces (from pillows to candles!). Celebrating thoughtful living both inside and out, this is definitely a sustainable brand we can get behind!

Betty x Bow!

Last but not least, we have to give ourselves a little shoutout because a commitment to sustainability is hard sometimes. It would certainly be easier to slap together some cheap material and close your eyes when choosing a cheap manufacturer. After two years, I can tell you without a doubt that the harder path to sustainability is so worth it. When people think of Betty x Bow, I want them to think of gorgeous high-quality basics, that you can feel good about buying. 
Here at Betty x Bow, I only work with ethical manufacturers that I can visit in person (and who have a reputation for providing a safe and fair work environment for their makers). I product low order quanitities and try to use as much of the leftover fabric as possible to create additional products. If that sounds like a mission you want to support, you can find our latest collection here


Shopping Sustainable Fashion in Canada

Because I know how overwhelming it can be when you start to be more thoughtful when shopping sustainable and ethical brands, I want to leave you with one more thought. You don't have to be perfect. At Betty x Bow, we are always trying to "do better" but that doesn't mean that 100% of our purchases are sustainable all of the time. We just like to encourage you to shop sustainably when you can and to be more conscious in your shopping decisions. We are here to support you every step of the way. 

shop sustainable Canada fashion brands

PS: Have a brand you think we missed? We always love to hear where our BXB insiders are shopping sustainably. Let us know who you think should be included and we can update this post to deliver you the best of the best in slow fashion recommendations.

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