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How to Elevate Your Look in 2023

How to Elevate Your Look in 2023

The year was 2020… when we all started wearing pajamas and messy buns unapologetically, am I right? While dressing casual and living your best “work from home and making sourdough bread life” served us for a season, I know so many of you are just like I am when I say: I am SOOOO ready to get out of the house again. Your baby shower or housewarming? Let me RSVP yes. Trying that trendy new brunch place? Let me throw on my Molly set and I am THERE.

I could go on and on about the things I am so excited to do again, but today, I want to share a few tips for elevating your look in case you have the same feelings about 2023. We are DRESSING UP AGAIN. We are planning outfits (and events) well in advance. And it is an absolutely beautiful thing.

Okay, now here are the tips I promised you!

Invest in some high quality basics.

Raise you hand if you’ve ever said “I just can’t pay that much money for a T-shirt”. Listen, my hand is right up there with you. But now, I have to be honest with you. I’m MUCH more likely to invest my hard earned money into basics that I will wear over and over again than an outfit I might wear one evening. 

When I design pieces for Betty x Bow, I’m hyper conscious of the cost per wear. That means I don’t look at the Millie Top as a $56 T-shirt as “expensive” (which honestly, if you knew the cost of sustainable manufacturing and the high-quality material you would know it is a BARGAIN). Instead, I look at it as a much better investment than that $10 t-shirt that will be stretched out the third time it’s washed. 

t-shirt that pairs well with jeans

Want to Elevate Your Look in 2023? Time to Replace your Leggings

Okay - hear me out! I’m not saying you can never wear yoga pants again. But as your zoom calls get replaced with in person meetings, it may be time to meet your new best friend, The Kit Pant. Although they are technically a trouser pant, the soft material and elasticized back waistband WILL make you forget that you are wearing fancy pants (I promise). You will likely be surprised how quickly you reach for them in your closet. PLUS - they have pockets.

replace your leggings with trousers for back to the office outfit

Fidget with your clothes? Try a bodysuit

I will always believe that how you feel is far more important than how you look. If you are someone who tugs at your t-shirt or fidgets with your clothes, I want to encourage you to try a bodysuit (or two!) this year to help elevate your look in 2023. When you look good, you feel good. A bodysuit instantly elevates even the more minimalist outfits in your wardrobe and the ones here at Betty x Bow offer a signature feminine flair you’ll love in your wardrobe.

choosing the right bodysuit

Your jumpsuits are getting upgraded

While the cozier rompers may have a place in our homes, we still want a one piece that looks good off the couch (or outside the grocery store). Now that most of us are heading back to the office and saying goodbye to our work from home clothes, we still need effortless fashion ideas to take us from evening to night. Don’t worry - that’s why I brought you the Lola in black and vanilla. 

back detail of Lola jumpsuit
fancy black jumpsuit

Finally, splurge on the trends that make you feel good.

For us, it’s the high slit of the Emma Skirt and Foster Dress. While a high slit is trendy now, it also makes the more elegant occasion pieces we have here at BettyxBow feel lighter and easier to wear everyday. We love the fierceness of an unapologetic woman showing just a bit of skin, and these are pieces that I am personally reaching into my closet for over and over again!

foster dress with thigh high slit
emma skirt in blush for summer outfit ideas

Looking to Elevate Your Look in 2023

Ready to start dressing up just a little bit more with me? I would love for you to tag me over on Instagram with your elevated outfit ideas @bettyxbow. Seriously! I would love to see them and cheer you on as we move into the new year feeling elevated and fabulous (February is the new January, right?). 
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