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Setting Fashion Resolutions for 2023

Setting Fashion Resolutions for 2023

This time of year is always a little crazy behind the scenes here at BettyxBow. Like many other businesses, the last few months of the year always seem to be the biggest. Between Black Friday, the holiday season, and celebrating our business birthday (check out this post for some behind-the-scenes of year two!), we won’t be slowing down until the new year! 

If you’ve followed us for a while, you know that we are a slow-fashion womenswear brand in Canada, and we design each and every piece in the Betty x Bow collection to fit effortlessly into the closet of clothes you already own. Today, we wanted to share a few “fashion resolutions” for those of you who might want to shop a bit more sustainably in 2023, but we do want to emphasize that we believe in progress over perfection over here! We know you likely can’t invest in an entirely new wardrobe full of sustainable pieces right now (and to be honest, that wouldn’t be a very sustainable suggestion anyway!). With that said, if you want a little help getting started, this post is definitely for you.

setting fashion resolutions for 2023


Fashion Resolution #1: Go through your closet more frequently

We talked a little bit about a closet edit in this post about creating a capsule wardrobe, but going through your closet frequently is such an important step on the journey to shop more intentionally. When you go through your closet, donate the pieces that you no longer love (or that don’t fit properly). You might be surprised to rediscover pieces you’ve forgot you owned as well! I can’t be the only person who discovers a new piece to love every closet edit right?

closet edit ideas for sustainable fashion

Fashion Resolution #2 Shop Intentionally

While I don’t want to encourage overconsumption, I also don’t want you to feel guilty for splurging on pieces that you absolutely love! When I design Betty x Bow pieces, I design them to be your favourite everyday basics with a signature feminine flair. I know you love the versatility of a t-shirt, but don’t want to wear a “boring” plain t-shirt every day, which is why I designed the Millie Top with a gorgeous petal sleeve detail. I know you might love the polished look of a bodysuit, but don’t want your bra showing so both the Isabel peek-a-boo back and signature bow detail of the Shea were designed to keep that in mind! And yes, in case you are wondering, most of our styles come in black 😉

polished bodysuit outfit ideas

PS: If you are someone who loves behind-the-scenes content and want to hear more about some of the decisions I made when designing pieces for BettyxBow, tune into this podcast interview on "How Fitting"

Fashion Resolution #3 As You Add New Pieces To Your Wardrobe, Think About Your "Cost Per Wear"

As a slow fashion brand, I know I won't ever be the "cheapest" clothing you wear (although I do think our sale section is pretty impressive). That being said, one of the things we pride ourselves on is creating pieces that have a low cost per wear. Our Millie Top is just $56, and because it's designed with high-quality and soft, yet durable, fabrics I can almost guarantee it will be the thing you always find yourself reaching for. When you compare the "cost per wear" to something "less expensive" you wore twice before it fell apart, the Millie Top was the more conscious choice!

women stand together wearing Millie Top

BONUS: Curate a List of Brands You Love to Support

While this might not technically be a resolution, it’s the best way to ensure your goal to shop more small or more sustainably is actually met! Whenever you feel like you need a new piece for your closet or to wear to your holiday party, you’ll have a list of your favourite places. Want to check out some of mine? I share some of my favourite sustainable brands here and favourite female owned brands here!


four women wearing everyday outfits


Support the businesses that align with your values!

While the best way to support businesses that align with your values is through your purchases, a follow/like/share on social media goes such a long way. If Betty x Bow is one of the brands you love to follow and support, I want to finish this post with a big THANK YOU. We will see you back on the blog in 2023, but in the meantime please say hi over on Instagram!

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