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Tips and Tricks for Creating Day-to-Night Outfits You'll Love

Tips and Tricks for Creating Day-to-Night Outfits You'll Love

Have you ever had plans after work but have no time to head home or change your outfit? Or maybe you're going from a casual day event to a fancy dinner date and don't know how to quickly switch up your look?

Here at BettyxBow, we have declared 2023 to be the YEAR we are dressing up and going out again.

If this is you too, don't stress! Transitioning from day to night can be effortless with the right tips and tricks! In this blog post, we'll be sharing some easy ways to create day-to-night outfits that you'll absolutely love.


Invest in Key Pieces


This is a recurring theme here at BettyxBow but it's truly because we believe it is SO important. For example, jumpsuits or bodysuits can be styled in many ways, and can either dressed up or down. They often make the perfect starting point. The Lola jumpsuit, for instance, goes great with sneakers for the day and with heels for the night. It's an extremely versatile piece that can be accessorized with statement jewelry or a jacket. When shopping for similar pieces, look for neutral colors like black, white, or nude, so you can easily mix and match!


Lola jumpsuit


Start with Basics


Another essential tip for creating day to night outfits, is to start with basics. And as you know, we do basics that aren't boring here at BettyxBow (check out our Classics collection if you don't believe me!). A simple, neutral-colored Millie top or a pair of trousers are perfect for layering and building up to a more elevated look. Stick with classic colors like white, black, beige or grey, so you can easily pair them with bolder accessories. 


everyday outfit ideas




Elevate your fashion game by incorporating accessories for a dazzling day-to-night transition. Make a statement with a bold necklace, eye-catching earrings, or a striking belt to achieve that sophisticated look. To take things even further, trade your favorite cross body bag for a sparkling clutch to further elevate your glamour quotient. Or what about adding your favorite pair of sunglasses to start radiating that "I've got this" vibe?


all black outfit



Choose Versatile Shoes

We all know that the right shoes can make or break your look. While we don't sell shoes here at BettyxBow, we do believe when you feel good you look good, so make sure when you are choosing your shoes that you are also prioritizing your comfort too! Block heels or wedges are great options as they can elevate an outfit without compromising comfort.


outfit ideas with sandals




Layer it up


Jackets can be a small addition that really change up an overall look (we love the way our white Shea bodysuit and Kit pants are paired with a bomber jacket below - for example!). Layering is an effective way to add some dimension to your outfit while keeping you cozy during cold weather. Lighter layers can be worn during the day (i.e. blazers, cardigans, or denim jackets) and removed in the evening when it's warmer. On the other hand, heavier jackets such as leather jackets or trench coats can easily be added onto an outfit for warmth and style. Your options are endless!


bomber jacket outfit ideas


Have Fun with Makeup


Lastly, don't forget about makeup! It's incredible how much makeup can elevate a look, especially during the evening. For starters, try bold lip colors like maroon or red to add some drama to your evening look. Neutral tones are great for the day, but switching your lipstick color can take your look from day to night in seconds. Have fun with your look!


add red lipstick to an everyday outfit


Ready to start going OUT after work again?


As we all head back to the office (and out of our work from home sweatpants), we wanted to remind you that creating day-to-night outfits is all about being strategic in adding layers or switching things up easily and effortlessly. Start with basics and invest in versatile pieces that can be styled in different ways. But more importantly - have fun getting dressed up again! Embrace the thrill of changing your look and create outfits that you'll love! We will be right there with you. Make sure to tag us @bettyxbow when showing off your outfit of the day!


going out after work outfits
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