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Tips for Rocking a Monochromatic Outfit in 2023

Tips for Rocking a Monochromatic Outfit in 2023

 Move over Beige! Just kidding - we love a beige monochromatic outfit as much as you do, but just like everything else in 2023: we are taking it up a notch. A few months ago, we launched our "Classics Collection" and it has been a HUGE success. You guys asked for high-quality luxury everyday wear, and we delivered. 💁‍♀️

And now, we are going to show you how to take those black and white pieces you love so much, and share a few tips to help you rock that monochromatic look in 2023. After all, this is the year we are walking into every room with CONFIDENCE.

Wear Black and White Like a Boss

Because we design and manufacture each Betty x Bow piece with love right here in Canada, we have to be extremely intentional about our pieces. They are all designed to work effortlessly with one another, and be THE piece you reach for first after laundry day.

lola white jumpsuit
all black outfit

While there are certainly occasions where you are going to want to wear "all black everything", we love a good mix and match situation! After all, there is something so classic AND dramatic about this OG outfit combo.

Want to see this in action? both stunning ladies below are rocking the Shea bodysuit and Kit Pant, but are sporting totally separate vibes through their accessories, shoes, and jackets!

white bodysuit and black pants
white and black outfit

It's Okay to Choose a COLOUR!

We love an all white or black everything as much as the next person but this year, we are embracing a little extra colour. We designed the Molly Shorts + Molly Blouse to be worn together to make a STATEMENT (but don't worry about your closet space - the pieces look great separately too).

Throwing on this all pink getup makes us channel our inner Elle and ask: what - like it's hard? #wokeuplikethis


pink blouse and paperbag shorts


Invest in High Quality Fabrics with DETAILS. 

Have you ever felt like some all black outfits feel drab and some feel fab? That's not a coincidence. It's easy to grab some leggings and a black t-shirt and call it a monochromatic outfit, but if you want your style to feel a little more intentional, you have to consider the fabric and details of each piece too. 

We might be biased here: but that is exactly how we design each piece here at BettyxBow. We think about your everyday basics, and look at how we can create an elevated version of that piece, with fabric that you'll love to wear (and that will last you a long time!). Here are just a few examples:

The gorgeous tie back on the Lola jumpsuit (available in monochromatic black or vanilla!)

black jumpsuit for women

The pleated detail and the comfortable pockets on the Kit Pant

closeup of luxury black trousers

And the petal sleeve on our #1 best seller: the Millie Top

best selling millie t-shirt

Or the high-slit ferocity of the Foster Dress

high slit midi dress

Or the back details of our bodysuits (the Shea is featured below!)

white bodysuit outfits

Don't forget accessories!

We teased this a little earlier but our last tip for you (before you head out to rock your monochromatic outfit) is to add an accessory or two. Personally - we love a good hat or a fun and playful jacket. But we will leave this one up to you! Here's some inspiration though...

vanilla jumpsuit with a hat
black dress with white fluffy jacket
all black outfit with white jacket

Love the look of a monochromatic outfit but want something a little more fun? Add a pattern!

Whether you are building a capsule wardrobe or you just consider yourself to be a thoughtful fashionista, we design all of the pieces here at Betty x Bow with you in mind. They are all designed in more muted tones so that all of the pieces can be worn effortlessly together. If you are looking to add some monochromatic vibes to your wardrobe, but want to kick it up a notch and have some fun with your fashion, consider adding a pattern! Personally, we love the Millie Top in White paired with the Emma Floral Skirt. It's a VIBE.

white top paired with floral skirt

Want (almost) daily fashion inspiration? Come find us on Instagram!

We are ALWAYS sharing new ways to style your BXB favourites. You can shop the entire collection here, but make sure to come find us on Instagram for more outfit ideas and inspiration. Make sure to tag us whenever you share your outfits too! We love to see how you style them YOUR way.

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