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Spring Clean Your Closet! How to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe this Spring!

Spring Clean Your Closet! How to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe this Spring!

Spring is JUST around the corner and here at Betty x Bow, and while it may not quite be pool weather yet, you know we are getting ready! We are stopping to smell the flowers, wearing our favourite pastels, and of course: spring cleaning our closet! And because we are, we know that there is a good chance you are too! Whether you are striving to put together a minimal spring capsule wardrobe this year or have a closet busting at the seams, today, we are going to walk you through a few steps to spring cleaning your wardrobe in 2023!

black shirt and pink skirt combo

And speaking of spring cleaning... we are doing some of our own!! ICYMI: Betty x Bow is having a Warehouse Sale!! We've gone through our inventory and have the biggest sale EVER on some of our imperfect* pieces and discontinued styles. If you are looking for some NEW pieces to add to your closet: check out our warehouse sale for your new favourite pieces!

warehouse sale

1) Identify Your (Closet's) Problem Area

In case you are new around here, I'm Allison (the founder here at Betty x Bow!) and I try to be intentional about just about everything I do. So, it makes sense that I would encourage you to start with just one question: what are you hoping to accomplish by spring cleaning your closet? Less decision fatigue? Too many clothes that don't fit quite right? Feeling like your closet is not aligned with your inner fashionista?

Whatever the "problem", think about that before you pull everything out of your closet in the name of spring cleaning!

spring cleaning your closet

2) Take EVERYTHING Out of Your Closet

Yes, including the pieces and things you have in storage bins below or on that top shelf you never look at. Take it ALL out. Avoid putting everything in one big pile for now. Separate bottoms from tops from jumpsuits from dresses. Then, go through each pile and immediately trash or donate any pieces that don't make you feel fabulous anymore. It's 2023, and we aren't working from home or wearing clothes that don't quite fit right anymore. We are dressing UP this year! Or at the very least, wearing cozy sweatpants that have us feeling comfy on our nights in. No torn shirts or paint-splattered shorts are necessary!

Shameless plug for the Kit Pant here: these trousers are nice enough for the office but FEEL like you are wearing pajamas. They are one of my favourite pieces from the new collection!

the Kit Pant

3) Put Your Winter Pieces AWAY

Depending on where you live, separate your winter from your spring/summer pieces and when the time comes: put those winter pieces away! I personally love big storage bins for this and it feels like I'm opening up a fresh new capsule wardrobe every season!

To my fellow Canada gals, you don't have to do this YET, but consider putting your favorite winter pieces off to the side so that as soon as the last snowflake falls, we can effortlessly transition and make the most of our spring and summer clothes!

Feeling stuck with your winter wardrobe and want to take a moment to elevate that too? Head to this post here with our favourite winter outfit formulas!

winter outfit ideas

4) Evaluate What's Left

There are a few things I want you to consider as you start to put your remaining clothes back:

  • Does this piece go with my existing wardrobe?
  • Does this fit well?
  • Does it bring me joy? Okay - we borrowed this one from Marie Kondo but hey - it fits!

And then, as your staring at the remaining pieces of your closet: you can ask yourself what pieces you might want to add! As you start to build a wardrobe you love, you might find this post on creating a conscious capsule wardrobe helpful! Or, come find me on Instagram and watch behind-the-scenes as I start to rebuild my own closet. I lost a lot of my own wardrobe in the Ottawa flood last year and I'm slowly (and intentionally!) filling my closet with pieces I love (and following the above principles to do it!).

Shop the looks below: Millie Top, Molly Shorts, Lola Jumpsuit, and Emma Floral Skirt

casual summer outfit ideas

5) "Home Edit" Style Your Accessories

Does anyone else get a secret thrill from watching the ladies at Home Edit revamp a closet? Grab yourself some clear containers and jewelry stands and put the pieces that you love yet always seem to forget they exist somewhere in clear view! Here at Betty x Bow, we love a good capsule wardrobe - which means our accessories often do the heavy lifting to "dress up" our everyday pieces.

The Lola Jumpsuit looks great on her own, but with a matching hat? We become obsessed with all the monochromatic vibes

white jumpsuit and hat

Celebrate Feeling Fabulous + Getting Dressed Everyday Effortlessly 

There are so many reasons why I love doing a deep clean and spring cleaning my closet, but the main reasons are that it's easy and quick to choose the pieces I love to wear the most everyday. Right now, as I look toward spring weather, I am falling in love with my Molly Blouse + Molly Shorts all over again. What's your favourite spring and summer outfit? Tag me on Instagram @bettyxbow and let me know!

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