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Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

Did December creep up on everyone else or was it just me? I keep looking at my calendar and I can't even believe how fast time has been going. While I am incredibly jealous of those of you who have already finished your Christmas shopping, I know some of you are like me still wondering exactly how we ended up in the first week of December! If you still have a few people on your list to shop for (or need to buy gifts for just about everyone - I won't judge!), I've collected a few of my favourite last minute gift ideas and stocking stuffers for the holidays!

BettyxBow last minute gift ideas

Betty x Bow Gift Ideas

Once you buy BettyxBow, you keep buying it. We have an incredibly high repeat customer rate and it's one of the things I'm most proud of. Whether you are looking for a gift for your fellow fashionista or for someone who prefers to invest in high quality staples, I like to think we have something for them. If you prefer a physical gift, I absolutely love the Millie Top as a starter to your Betty x Bow collection.

women stand in Millie Top - best selling T-shirt

If you aren't sure which of the pieces she will love the most, you can always purchase a gift card in a variety of denominations as well (from $25-$150). 

Looking for the perfect Stocking stuffer?

We have a very limited quantity of our Barbays scrunchies collaboration left. I have to be honest with you, these scrunchies are my secret weapon when it comes to elevated accessories. You don't expect a scrunchies to really "add" to the look but as you have come to expect from the BettyxBow brand, these ones have a little feminine edge to them!

Feminine Scrunchies make the perfect stocking stuffer


Shipping Deadlines for the Holidays

You can find detailed information about our shipping policies and holiday cut off times here. But here is a quick summary:

We ship all packages via Canada Post. Please order by the following dates to ensure on time holiday delivery.
National  December 9th
Regional December 16th
Local December 20th
USA December 13th
International December 5th
Note: If you miss a shipping deadline we can provide a quote for an alternative courier. Please email us at

 We also offer FREE shipping over $150.00 (before taxes). So if you have 3 people on your list... why not 3 Millie Top's? It's just a question 😉

Another great way to hit that free shipping quota? Our Isabel Bodysuit is another best seller!

isabel bodysuit best seller for women

Gift Card Ideas

If you want to shop local/small but you have ran out of time (no judgement here!), consider a gift card from BettyxBow or another one of her favourite brands. Another great "go to" last minute holiday gift idea is something like a coffee shop gift card. Think beyond your favourite green and white brand and chose local instead! If you are in Ottawa, my personal favourites are Honey Stittsville and Ritual on Main. These make great gift ideas for your favourite coworkers or employees!

Want More Holiday Gift Ideas?

If you are making an effort to shop small, sustainable and/or female owned, we have a few more blog posts you might want to check out!

Be prepared for all the "oh my, you know me so well" comments when she unwraps pretty much anything we have recommended (we have pretty high standards over here!). I know I would be happy with just about anything on these lists!

 Thank you for shopping from small businesses!

First, thank you for being intentional with your holiday shopping this year, even if you can't do it for every purchase (we believe in progress over perfection over here!). Please be mindful that if you are a last minute shopper, the last minute has unfortunately arrived for many small businesses (we just can't compete with Amazon Prime!). But I promise you that we all do a little happy dance with every order AND take pride in creating products your friends and family will love. Happy Holidays! 

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