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The ONE Thing Every Woman Needs in Her Closet This Winter

The ONE Thing Every Woman Needs in Her Closet This Winter

I know, I know. We just walked into fall and I am already talking about winter. But let's be honest - winter is a beautiful season, full of festivities and celebrations. It’s the time of the year when the world turns white and everything seems magical. However, with winter comes the challenge of staying warm and cozy. Especially in Canada, fashion is the last thing on anyone’s mind during this season. However, it doesn't have to be so hard to look good and comfortable, without compromising on warmth. In this blog post, I’ll share with you the number one thing every woman should have in her wardrobe in winter.



The One Thing You Should Have In Your Closet? A Good Base Layer

Every woman deserves a wardrobe that simplifies her morning routine, not complicates it. This is where easy base layers come into play. Essential items like bodysuits, t-shirts, and trousers form the foundation of any outfit, providing versatility and ease of pairing. A well-fitted bodysuit can be the perfect underpinning for a sleek office look or slipped under jeans for a casual day out. A simple, high-quality t-shirt is the ultimate versatile piece, working equally well with a tailored blazer or a pair of comfy sweatpants. Trousers, especially in neutral tones, can be paired with virtually any top for an effortlessly chic look.

By investing in these closet essentials, women can reduce the time and stress involved in getting dressed each day, leaving more time for what truly matters. Plus, these pieces are timeless, meaning they'll stay in style season after season, making them a smart, sustainable choice for every woman's closet. 


choosing closet staples for winter


Layering Your Millie Top or Bodysuit

Investing in a comfortable t-shirt or bodysuit will help make layering so much easier. Not only will a base layer make it easy to go from indoors to outdoors comfortably, but that's not the only reason I love them. The perfect layering top can help you create a casual or dressy look in no time. For example, style a Millie top with your favorite jeans and an overcoat for a cute day look. Or pair it with a midi skirt, heels, and statement jewelry for an elevated night-out ensemble. A base layer doesn't have to be boring.  When you're shopping for a new base, have fun with it and choose elevated version of an everyday staple (my personal favourite is the Millie Top with it's signature petal sleeve). 



Choosing a One-Piece as Your Base Layer (I Love a Jumpsuit!)

This might surprise you, but jumpsuits are the perfect choice for a base layer during the fall season. Their full body coverage keeps you comfortably warm in the cool autumn breeze, while allowing easy movement for any outdoor activities. The one-piece design eliminates the need for coordinating separate tops and bottoms, saving precious time during those busy fall mornings (back to school energy, anyone?). Plus, when we look at the Lola jumpsuit, it’s easy to see her go from day to night depending on what the day brings!


black jumpsuits


Invest in a Pair of Trousers You Love

Are we the only ones who have been loving the fact that trousers have become the new everyday pants? When it comes to having easy base layers, make sure to have a pair of trousers that you can dress up or down. A good quality pair of trousers will keep you warm and make you look stylish. Opt for neutral colours like black, as they're easy to match with different outfits. If you don’t have a pair yet make sure you check out our gorgeous Kit Pant!


the kit pant - best black trousers

Every Woman Needs a Good Base Layer Walking into Fall and Winter

To wrap things up, having a good base layer is an absolute must for any woman's winter wardrobe. Seriously, it's the key to staying warm and comfy all day long! Trust me, investing in a cozy t-shirt or bodysuit, rocking a one-piece like a jumpsuit, having versatile trousers, and snuggling up in a snug sweater or cardigan will keep you stylish and toasty this winter. Oh, and don't forget, you CAN embrace both fashion and warmth with the right wardrobe essentials! For more day to day outfit inspiration, make sure to come find us over on Instagram.


Want more? Here are Frequently Asked Questions about Base Layers and Layering Clothes with Betty x Bow

Why is layering a sustainable choice for the fall season?

Layering promotes versatility in your wardrobe, allowing you to reuse and repurpose items you already own. Instead of buying new clothing specifically for each season, you can adapt and combine pieces in new ways. This reduces the need for excessive production, consumption, and waste, aligning with the principles of sustainable fashion. We love that around here!

How does layering fit into the concept of a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is all about versatility and minimalism. By layering pieces you already own, you can create a variety of looks without the need for excess clothing. Layering aligns perfectly with the concept of having fewer, high-quality, and versatile pieces. You can read more about building your capsule wardrobe here if you are curious!

How can I choose base layer pieces that will last longer in my wardrobe?

First things first, I always encourage everyone to shop intentionally. Choose items made from natural, high-quality materials, because they will be able to withstand wear and tear better than synthetic fabrics. Next, search for timeless silhouettes and colours that won’t go out of style quickly. There’s a reason that most pieces at BettyxBow are made in neutrals and muted tones. Finally, look for pieces with interesting details like a petal sleeve or a front pleated detail to make them special even when you wear them everyday!

walking into the fall fashion show

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