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Four BXB Spring Outfit Ideas That Have Me Swooning!

Four BXB Spring Outfit Ideas That Have Me Swooning!

Maybe it’s the fact that our weather is FINALLY hitting the positives here in Ottawa, but I am really looking forward to spring this year!  Whether you’re ready to embrace the sunny days and blooming flowers too, or just want a wardrobe refresh from cooler weather looks, today we are sharing all of the spring outfit ideas that are making me swoon this year! From a sweet and sophisticated blouse/shorts set, to a jumpsuit that you’ll never want to take off, if you are looking for spring outfit ideas to add to your capsule wardrobe in 2023 - you are in the right place!

spring outfit ideas at BettyxBow

Wait - did I forget to introduce myself?

I’m Allison, the founder and fashion designer here at BettyxBow. BettyxBow was designed with my fellow conscious fashionistas in mind. If you want your clothes to be: beautiful, ethically made, AND high-quality (so you can wear them over and over again), you are in the right place. I’m passionate about shopping intentionally, which means I design each of my pieces to be the versatile favourites in your closet that you reach for every day. I also LOVE sharing styling tips and ways to wear your BXB pieces so if you aren’t already, make sure to follow me over on Instagram here. 


founder of Betty x Bow


Enough small talk - here are those spring outfit ideas that have me swooning! 

The Molly Blouse + Molly Shorts Set

I know you aren’t supposed to play favourites, but the Molly Blouse and Molly Shorts have a special place in my heart. I love pairing them together for an effortless monochromatic look (that I can wear for those morning brunches with the girls!) but honestly - they are two of my favorite pieces to wear separately too. The pale blush color just feels like spring, and the relaxed linen fabrics will keep you cool as we transition into spring and summer weather this year!

blush outfit for spring - blouse and shorts set

The Lola Jumpsuit

I don’t know about you - but I’m busy. Fun fact: when I’m not packing up your BXB orders, I’m working shift work as a NICU nurse. Because of that, I know how important it is to have versatile pieces that you can wear day to night. I designed the Lola jumpsuit to be able to be dressed up or down, in neutral colors that work for almost every occasion. It’s one of my favourite spring outfit ideas because you can just grab it and go!

black jumpsuit for women
peekaboo back jumpsuit

The Emma Skirt + The Millie Top or a Bodysuit

The Millie Top is a FAVE here all season long at BettyxBow, but in the spring we think she looks best with the Emma Skirt (which do you prefer: floral or mauve?). For an alternative (yet equally polished look!), swap out the Millie with one of our bodysuits (the peek-a-boo back of the Isabel is a favourite, but I love the bow detail of the Shea back just as much!).

The reason we have a little extra love for the Emma Skirt in spring? The fabric has a heavy enough weight to withstand those spring breezes and still keep you warm, but the high slit gives you that spring fashion energy we are all craving this time of year. 

cute spring outfit ideas

The Sadie Slip Dress or The Foster Dress

At BettyxBow, we want to make THE pieces you reach for FIRST after laundry day. When you have all the choices in the world at your fingertips, we want to be that go to outfit you reach for (and judging by our high repeat customer rate - we are nailing it!). We have TWO options for your favourite spring dress this year depending on your vibe. Whether you choose the Sadie Slip Dress or the more everyday Foster dress, one thing is for sure: after a couple of years of staying inside, we are DRESSING UP this year.

spring dresses


Mix + Match Your BXB Spring Outfit Ideas

A little secret here at the BXB headquarters? We design all of our pieces to look really good together. With muted colors that flow effortlessly, and a passion for designing elevated yet comfortable versions of your everyday essentials, we know how much you’ll love filling your closet with some of our BXB favourites this year. So go ahead - wear the Millie Top with your the Molly Shorts or match one of our bodysuits with the Kit Pant! Fashion is supposed to be fun after all!

spring outfit ideas for colder weather

What Spring Outfit Ideas are Inspiring You Lately?

No really - I want to know! While I am so excited to dress up in my favorite spring outfit ideas above, I would love to know what pieces are inspiring and exciting you lately. At our small business, every little whisper of feedback is gold dust (like when you told us the Millie Top needed a few extra inches)! So go ahead, share the staples you can't live without. And tag us @bettyxbow so we can see the way you are styling YOUR favourite pieces this year!

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